CarlstallingAfter serving as a Red Cross ambulance driver in France at the end of World War I, the seventeen-year-old [Walt] Disney returned to Kansas City and began working as a commercial artist. During this period he met Ub Iwerks, who later became Disney’s first animator, and the two eventually began making their own cartoons. It was also during this period that Walt became acquainted with Carl Stalling, a theater organist who later became the studio’s first music director.

Stalling, in an interview in Funnyworld, recalled, “…I first met Walt Disney in the early Twenties. He used to come to the Isis Theater where I played the organ and had my own orchestra. I started writing him when sound pictures came in, and in our correspondence back and forth, we just agreed that there would be a position for a musical director at his studio.”

[The Musical World of Walt Disney by David Tietyen]